Surgery resources for parents

Any Google search will turn up hundreds of hospital and medical websites telling you the ‘What’ about undescended testicles, cryptorchidism and orchiopexy. So here’s other people’s stories that I’ve found, and any other links useful enough to mention.

Accounts by parents

The Orchidopexy (Undescended Testicle) Operation
This is a mother’s account of her 2 year old son’s operation for an undescended testicle in 2009 – a good read of a more modern setting and a parent’s perspective.

A couple of mums at Netmums
They provide really good accounts of how well it can go and the pre-op preparation that the NHS can provide

Orchidopexy – testicle undescended and removal
A mum’s account of her little boy’s testicle being removed

A slightly older American boy’s experience
Guess the Dad’s don’t want to write about surgery on the testicles – this one very well written by the Mum again!

This amazing photoset of a boy after a laparascopic orchiopexy
Taken by a very talented photographer and father. Note the three incisions on the boy’s stomach, including one through the belly button.

My son’s second hospital stay

A journal by Dad of an older boy’s day surgery

BlogOfTheMom has a multi-part series: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Even the most minor surgery can be pretty major when you’re a little kid

A baby’s diary

1st Stage Laparoscopic Right Fowler Stevens Orchiopexy

Brisco’s Surgery

Other resources

The best guide to anaesthetics I’ve found (for adults)
Your son will be having one – read this if you want to know how it works in adults and all the possible complications. They have a guide for your child’s anaesthetic too.

10 Causes Of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Children
Just in case they end up feeling like I did after my orchidopexy operation, this is a very approachable set of articles on trauma & PTSD in children.

Anaesthesia Awareness during a General Anaesthetic
A useful resource in case your child shows any signs of remembering what went on.

And if your child’s experience is anything like this calm, sanitised video, you’re incredibly lucky!


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