A 9 year old has an orchiopexy – and it’s not traumatic!

Proof that childhood surgery can be done well, even for something as embarrassing (for the child) as an undescended testicle:

My son had his orchiopexy op last year (he was 9). He had one undescended testicle that “yoyo’ed”, I think his consultant said it was a kangaroo testicle – it basically popped down occasionally but was very very high (sort of in his groin). The hospital pre-assessment was excellent, informative and explained everything to him so well (he was obviously able to understand everything!), they showed him around, showed him the gadgets they’d use. The day itself was easy – nurses reassuring and everything went according to plan. He had two small incisions (about an inch) which healed quite quickly. No sport/running around/playtimes for a couple of weeks. I kept him off school for a couple of days (I think he had his op on a Wednesday) so was off Thurs/Fri. We’ve just been discharged from the hospital after 3 follow-up visits. We just have to keep an eye on them and ask for a referral if they disappear again!

All very easy – in at 7am and home by 3pm.


While in terms of future fertility and normal testicular development it’s a shame his undescended testicle wasn’t treated earlier, I know I’d have been psychologically better prepared to handle it at 9 than aged 3. Good luck to him!


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