A mum’s great description of her son’s undescended testicle surgery

Here’s one mum’s great description of her son having his undescended testicle operated on in a UK hospital (NHS):

My son had this operation at 2 (he is now 7).

Basically, he was nil by mouth from 7 am and had the operation in the afternoon (about 2pm). He was put to sleep via an injection in his hand, so he sat on my lap with his arm under my arm and behind my back and they used that hand. They told me they were about to do it, so I said goodnight. They then got me to lie him on the bed and quickly kiss him and then whisked me out of the room.

When he came round, he was screaming/crying quite a bit as was disorientated (and was only very young) and was very thirsty: the hospital recommended we took fruit shoots and gave them to him then as they would rehydrate him and give him sugar too. I sat with him on the trolley back from the coming round room whilst he drunk them. They took us back to the day surgery bit. In there, they put on his favourite video for him to watch and he calmed down and ate some toast with his drink. Then they basically assessed he wasn’t in pain and sent us home. It was about 7pm when we left. When we got home, he was so tired he fell straight asleep and slept all night. He was absolutely fine and in no pain the next day- no painkillers needed!! We had to keep him off bikes/rocking horses etc for the next 6 weeks (and no sports too, although he didn’t play any at that age!). He was completely fine. He had a follow up appointment wher the doctor checked all was in the he right place and then we were discharged.

The operation itself was a small incision in his scrotum and on his bikini line (if boys have such a thing?!). He does have minuscule scars now, but you can only see them if you look. I have told him about the operation so he can check for himself that they are both still there and make sure nothing goes wrong and also so he knows for himself in later life. I thought I would rather have the coversation with a 5/6/7 year old boy than an 18 year old!

It is a very common operation (suprised you haven’t had any replies tbh!) and very straightforward. I think it took about 45 mins. It is obviously horrible for you as a parent though as they at your precious baby, but it is necessary. Hugs to you though having to go through it.



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