How do I feel if my son’s testicles have descended?

Wondering if your sons’s testicles are missing seems a very common question from parents. Are they undescended and something’s wrong, or are you worrying about nothing?

One of our readers, Louise, emailed me to say this is what she did with her son:

They do bob up and down a bit. Have a gentle feel after a bath in a warm room while his scrotum is all floppy and soft. Use the pads of 1 or 2 fingers and just gently roll your fingers over the balls. if they’re there you’ll feel them. If you don’t feel them the first time just keep checking after bath time each day. If you still cannot feel them then ask your GP to check.

Thanks Louise! If that doesn’t work for you, I’ve provided an alternative set of instructions for trying to feel your son’s testicles here.


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