Undescended Testicle Advice Site

newborn-baby-at-hospitalUndescended testicles are increasingly common, and as a parent you have to decide what treatment is best for your son, and face the nerves as someone whom you love very much goes through an operation. And while your nerves may fade, your son has to come to terms with his undescended testicle when older, the experience of being in hospital, and how girls react to him.

That’s a lot for anyone to deal with, and that’s why I built this website for you.

This site is independent – the information is not coming from a hospital or surgeon. I tell it like it is and leave you to make up your own mind. I love hearing from parents in this situation – please drop me an email any time!

I’m scared. What’s going to happen? Can I get a second opinion?

Start with my guide to different treatments for an undescended testicle. Oh and don’t miss the page on retractile testicles – it’s vitally important.

What’s it like having an orchiopexy as a child?

operationA lot of websites tell how the mum found it (see here for their stories), but I found none from the perspective of the child. So start with my story of having undescended testicle surgery at the age of 3, and find out how it’s shaped my life.